Task 2: Discussion – Hosting an international sport event



Some people think that hosting an international sport event is good for the country while some people think that it is bad. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Original Writing

It is argued that it is advantageous to become the host of an international sports event, while others believe that there are more disadvantages in that case. In my opinion, the negative consequences outweigh.

On the one hand, there are two advantages that the host country can get from holding the international sports events. Firstly, hospitality, tourism…relating services will gain a lot of benefits from foreign sports fans who come the country to watch and join the events. It is a good chance for the host country to improve their images and advertise famous sightseeing to the foreigners. Secondly, in term of education, the youth will learn and inspire by athletes, heroes in sport sections. So that, they will try to train themselves to become better versions, that can help to raise a good work force in the future.

On the other hand, several negative results immerse when a country becomes the host of an international sports event. First, the government must spend a great deal of funding on building and maintaining facilities which need to be used during the event. As a result, it will reduce the funding, which is better to be placed on education, health sections. For instance, Brazil spent a lot of money building the stadium to serve World Cup 2014, so that they lack funding to tackle with the covid pandemic currently. One more disadvantage is that most of residents can not get benefit when their country holding those events. Because it mostly brings advantages for some specific services which are related to restaurants, hotels, sports merchandising.

In conclusion, there are some undeniable advantages from hosting international sports events, I believe that disadvantaged results outweigh, and the government need to consider balancing benefits for every resident.