Task 2: Cause/Solution – Many people cannot read or write



Nowadays, many people cannot read or write. What problems does this cause? What measures can governments take to solve these problems?

Original Writing

Although our lives are very modern and developing, illiteracy is still common in some countries. It causes a lot of problems so governments and authorities should take steps to tackle them.

Illiteracy rate is high that disadvantages both individuals and the community. Firstly, from individual perspectives, being unable to read and to write, they are struggling with understanding law, rights, and bureaucracy. Therefore, they cannot get the proper benefits that they should be granted. For example, an illiterate resident cannot sign his own name, also cannot read laws relating to resident’s welfare, which is greatly impacting to his own life. Hence, he may lose his advantages without others’ instructions. Secondly, it is a drawback for society if illiteracy rate is still high. The quality of workforce cannot be improved if the figure of people being unable to read and to write is still high. It is such a difficulty for themselves that they cannot read and understand news, books, and instructions to update the advanced technology and knowledge.

A lot of problems may happen if illiterate populations are in high rate, so that government should find out solutions to handle the phenomenon. First, the authorities could use social media such as Tiktok, Youtube, in order to transfer messages that encourage people to learn how to read and to write. Those social media channels are very common currently and do not require audiences to be literate to understand. Second, government should build schools, academic centers where people can take part in lessons enabling them to read and to write. It is better to waive tuition fees for those classes, because reading and writing are essential skills for an individual to get more knowledge.

In conclusion, illiteracy is still a struggle in some countries, but there are various solutions that government and authorities could propose then improve the phenomenon.